These first 5 years instilled in me a deep appreciation for the magical process of intuitive painting. 

Intuitive Paintings

the first five years

2009 - 2013

In 2001, I moved from Ontario to British Columbia to continue my work in the natural health industry.  

In 2009, still living and working on the west coast, I discovered a new passion - INTUITIVE PAINTING

From 2009 - 2013, I created over 100 mixed media pieces and experienced the transformative power of art.

In the beginning...
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2014 - 2015


In 2014, after more than a dozen years in British Columbia, life led me back to Ontario.

Intuitive painting and other creative pursuits provided joy, insight and a sense of purpose during this transition.

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Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Sing Your Own Song

Autumn 2010 mixed media on canvas 8 x 8 inch