Healing Art Commissions

Before I was an artist, I was a healer.
Now I am both.
The reason I have emphasized those words is because I believe we are all artists and healers.
It is just a matter of how much we have focused on those skills that are part of our very nature.
In the beginning I thought that 'healing' required us to fix something,  
either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.
Now I believe that 'healing' is simply remembering who we are.
Marvellous, mystical beings with unlimited possibilities and potential. 
Reminding you of this is my current, magical mission.
For the last 35 years my intention and attention has been directed to learning and practising the art of healing.
Now, for the past 8 years, my focus has shifted to learning and practising art for healing.
I have discovered that creativity and art-making is a mysterious yet effective way to
comfort, awaken, transform and heal.
To be of service to the mission of healing I am offering the following commissions:
Spirit Animal Art
Together we will find the Spirit Animal that currently wants to assist you
on your path of transformation and healing.
Here's how we will do that.
Your part:  
- place yourself in a quiet, sacred space
let your mind settle
be open to receiving guidance.
My part:
Blending intuition, energy work, journeying and visualization
I will