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Inkwork Poetry


Don't Let Them Burst Your Bubble

If you have a dream a scheme or plan
Don’t allow them to re-direct your hand
For reasons unknown some folks will try
Just keep your focus and don’t ask why

Careful to not burst your own bubble too
I know it’s sometimes so easy to do
When things don’t click and you want to stop
Please remember you’re a star and you rock!

Feb 2019

Communicate With Love

Today I read some letters of hate
So I sat in my chair to contemplate
Wondering out loud to no one there
Why oh why is there such despair?
So I picked up my paint, my pen and ink
And drew a guy who made me blink
There on his neck was a sign from above
You are the divine so speak with love.

Nov 2016

Tools For Breaking Rules

The more you count on wisdom from within, to play the game, the more you win.
The more you win the more you'll be immune to the dumbing they perpetuate, it won’t be bait.
You won’t fall prey to what they say, at least not every day. To those that want to keep you in the dark your spark will light the way.

Oct 2018

Magic Abounds

Do you sometimes feel
like your wheels have gone flat
that your foot's in a bucket
and there's a hole in your hat
You watch in disbelief
as monuments fall
things you thought were true
are just not at all
I know how you feel
I have been there too
but I have a remedy
here’s what you do
Take 3 great big breaths
then a close look around
and you will discover
magic does still abound!

Sep 2018

The Magic of Love

There's a force we possess
That is stronger than fear
Which is why we protect
Those we hold oh so dear

Thank goodness for that
And the grace that it brings
When we focus on them
Instead of grim things

But let us remember
We're all one with a name
And that force which is love
Sees the whole world the same

Jan 2017

Remove Your Mask

There comes a day
When you've had enough
And you finally decide
To call their bluff

So you try to remove
The mask you've worn
But those in the towers
Don't want you reborn

They put up their hand
To get you to stop
And they generally say
You can't and must not

But you have the will
The means and might
To show who you are
To live with delight

Remember your power
From whence you came
Then turn to the light
And play your own game

May 2017

The Timekeepers Rebel

What if we weren't so busy?
What if we didn't keep time?
Would we move to the beat of our own inner drum?
Would life be more sublime?
These are the questions they asked
In the Temple of Chronos one day
So the Timekeepers woke and then they spoke
It was time to have their say

Nov 2016

Internal Journeys

What a gift we’ve been given
Of the journey within
But we’ve never been taught
That this trip’s not a sin
Our very own guidance
A system that’s direct
We have access to wisdom
We just need to connect
So let’s don our eye masks
Find a rattle or drum
And sit down with ourselves
Till revelations come
Gurus and mentors
Can aid and confide
But your wise inner self
Is the best kind of guide

Jan 2019

Sound Healing

What if you knew you could change things with your voice?
What if your song, unique to only you, could cause another to rejoice?
What sound would you allow yourself to make for someone else’s sake?
Because you do possess that kind of magic with your tone. A miracle you’ve had since you were born.
Come on, let’s make a pact to shed our doubts and fears. We’ll stand up proud and use our holy instrument to sing out loud!

Sep 2018

Rise & Shine

Masks and suppression
have veiled our view
from all the brilliance
that is me and you

But now is the time
to open our eyes
take back our power
and shine as we rise

Sep 2017

You Hold The Key

Who guards the door of your prison cell?
Is there a story you continue to tell?
One that limits, restricts or denies?
That hides your talents from eager eyes?

Now is the time to remember your worth
The innate gifts you've been given at birth
It's you who holds the key to the lock
Throw open the door, no need to knock

Mar 2017

Wake Up Your Witch

Wake up your witch
Was her message to me
It's really high time
And it's pretty much free

Bring back the wisdom
That was crushed and concealed
Recover the wise ways
It's time to be healed

Sep 2017

Give What You Got

To give of yourself
when you don't have a lot
is the most precious gift
So just give what you got
You can lend a kind hand
Or sing songs from your heart
When you offer your love
It's the best place to start

Nov 2016

Doing What You Love Is The Drug

I’m troubled by the mainstream news
That says so many have the blues
I have a theory as to why
But my cure isn’t one you buy
The drug is finding what you love
And placing it out there above
All of the stuff that doesn’t bring
A happy heart to make you sing
I don’t know why we have been taught
That life is something to be fought
A struggle for the whole way through
Instead of joyfulness for you
But here’s a nugget that I learned
And when I did I quickly spurned
This notion that life is a plight
I tell you that it’s just not right
Just keep your sights upon your goal
That thing will feed your very soul
Do what you love to find your joy
I tell you it’s a clever ploy

Nov 2018


Or marooned
Safe or Waif
Do you feel small
Or don’t you feel at all
First chakra spinning
Or energy dwindling
You're protected
Or neglected
What’s your song
Do you feel you belong?

Sep 2018

Dig The Dance

Do you recall the endless carnival of dance,
This panacea for our soul
Was how we used to roll
We played and swayed around the tribal fires
We sang and rang the bell of pure desires
Forgetting all our woes we chose
To dance upon the earth with mirth
So come let's resurrect those ways
Or reinvent those merrymaking days
We'll bury all the boring strife
And excavate our wild joy for life!

Mar 2017

Face Your Demons

Face your demons
and you will find
that most of them
live in your mind.

The things you say
have held you back
are really just
a form of lack.

You have it all
inside your head
the means to
have it all instead.

So gather up
your gifts and shine
you are a mirror
of the Divine.

Apr 2017
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