The 'INKspirations'

2016  -  2017

In 2016 I became intrigued with Klecksography, the 19th century art of making images from inkblots. I experimented with the technique by dropping acrylic ink onto watercolour art-board. Although my inkblots were not mirror-images like the original Klecksographs, I watched with delight as faces and figures began to appear as the ink dried. Using pen and ink, I developed the images that emerged and eventually dubbed these whimsical creations, the 'INKspirations'

(acrylic ink and pen on 9 x 12 inch artboard)

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The Inkblot Adventures of 2016

acrylic ink and pen, on paper

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© 2020 Jane Dickson

Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Dig the Dance

Do you recall the endless carnival of dance, perchance? This panacea for our soul Was how we used to roll We played and swayed around the tribal fires We sang and rang the bell of pure desires Forgetting all our woes we chose To dance upon the earth with mirth So come let's resurrect those ways Or reinvent those merrymaking days We'll bury all the boring strife And excavate our wild joy for life