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If you were a bee

Or a wolf in a tree

A fish in the sea

Or a mystery to me


If you had your own way

And did not have to pay

If you were given all day

What is it you'd say?

June 2019


Feeding Dragons



Have you ever fed a dragon?

I bet you have a time or two

There’s the kind that bestow power

And the ones that make you blue

If you keep a laser focus 

On the type you want to feed

You will find to your amazement

That you get just what you need

April 2019


Heavy Metal Birdsong


When I was done this painting 
With the sign of mercury there
I decided to ask Google
To find out the why and where
I found a correlation
That really made me sad
Seems birds and heavy metals
Are a combo that's just bad
The studies that were cited 
At least four decades long
Show that toxic mercury 
Can change a mating song
It's a shorter simpler tune
Than the song birds used to sing
The heavy metal birdsong
Has a dire warning ring.

Jan 2018


A Mouthful of 'I'


We were scolded and told
That a mouthful of 'I'
Was not good or ok
But we didn't get why

Oh sure, we heard words
Like conceited and vain
But it didn't make sense
That they would complain

When we tooted our horn 
Or exposed our bright light
Showing off our passions
Is our holy birthright! 

Dec 20/17


You Are Not a Beast of Burden


Last month of the year

And a Supermoon too

Do you feel that it's time

To make space for the new


Are you traipsing around

With a weight on your back

Then it's time to let go

Shed the unwelcome pack


You carry this burden

And no longer know why

But you suddenly sense

You have wings to fly


There's an inner light

That will guide your way

Just tune in and set out

Create a brand new day

Dec 2017


Listening is Loving


Listening is loving 
Do you know what I mean?
It's a call to be quiet
receptive and seen

We all want to be heard
But let's each take our turn
You might be surprised 
At what you can learn

I'm often just thinking
About what I will say
While another still speaks
And that's not okay

So take the next chance
To sit with a mate
And really just listen
Be patient and wait

This practice is great
When we are with friends
But it's crucial with strangers
To build tolerance and mend

Aug 2017


Black Jaguar Came Calling

(Poetic Manifesto)



Black Jaguar stealthily came to me

shocking me out of my apathy.


When I forgot yet once again

mired alone in my prison of pain

he reappeared in another place

reminding me of the sacred space;

that haven within where answers live

where peace resides if we will give

our focus to that inner voice

that teaches us we have a choice.


So onward to that place of power

I'll not let fear build up its tower.

I journey inside to sit with Source

allowing Jaguar to lead, of course!


Poem - Nov 2014

Painting – July 2017


No Wooden Eyes To See


No wooden eyes to see

No wooden hearts for me

The one who wins the gold

Will hold a vision bright and bold


But the gold of which I speak

Is not the dollar strong or weak

It's the riches banked within

That will be the prize we win

Nov 2016


The Storyteller


The storyteller plays a role

Of great importance for our soul 

Recounting tales about our past

The timeless things that truly last


Those threads that bind our common fate

Give comfort when we can relate

To others who have gone before

So Storyteller spin your lore

Nov 2016


The Veil is Thin


It's Witching hour on Devil's Night

The veil is thin and Ghosts delight

New moon rises on this night too

What a cauldron of magic stew


The weird and weirder venture out

It's quite a show without a doubt 

So be eccentric don't be shy

Just let your special freak flag fly

Oct 2016


We The People


we the people

do declare

this silly game seems so unfair

that's true unless you drop the veil

remembering from whence you hail

then you'll recall just who you are

almighty ones from ancient stars

and reclaim what is rightly yours

so hearts can lift and spirits soar

Oct 2016


Turmeric Tom


Turmeric Tom has a hole in his head 

It's because he listened to what 'they' said

Now he hears from his heart

And leads with his love 

So the hole in his head

Shines light from above

Oct 2016


Celebrate Your Leap of Faith

your leap of faith 
from your comfy cocoon
and the din of your distractions

Stepping free of discouraging words
you fall into the void of creation
where uncertainty reigns
but rewards are sweet treats for your soul

Jul 2016


Spell Yourself Well


The Curandera
wants you to know
the mind is magic
it can heal and grow.

There is nothing
you need to buy or sell
just believe in your power 

to spell yourself well.

May 2016

'Abracadabra' is an incantation that in days of old was believed to heal. 
The letters were inscribed on an amulet, the word disappearing in a descending triangle. 
As you spoke the diminishing word it was believed that the illness would vanish along with the letters. 


What Seeds Are You Planting?


what seeds are you planting
in that garden of yours?
what fruit will you bear?
what's behind your doors?
will the thoughts that you think
and the words that you speak
reflect the good fortune 
that you wish to reap?

Jun 2015

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