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Collaborations & Live Painting Events

Authenticity Emerging

In March 2011, I posted this painting to Facebook asking friends to respond if anything about it spoke to them.

I chose five entries to attach to the painting. A big thank you to the collaborators who played along.


Your 3rd eye is looking back on the past.

The spiral, which represents the 3rd eye, has been displaced by your Guide,

who has taken the central 3rd eye spot to guide your vision to where you are now.

 - Jamie M.

equus of red dawn

you stand before me

ancient and innocent

carrying prayers

from the heavens

you are the prayer

rede spark ignited in your heart

your breath blowing

the serpent of the wind

a continuum

like circles in the stars

flashing and dancing

hooves pounding like thunder

igniting sorrowful rains

you are the prayer

your breath blowing

the serpent in the wind

- Janice M.


In times of sadness, we are forced to draw on fiery determination

to help us embrace and conquer the inevitable change necessary for our growth.

- Kate M.

Suddenly life's blurriness lifted and she knew

- she needed to do what was expected of her,

not by others, but what she expected of herself.

- Mary-Ann W.

Dreambeast in the Desert

I see two pictures merging.

One is the face with the two big eyes,

and the line going from the middle to the right corner makes a nose,

and the darkest shade looks like a haircut.

But there is also a picture of some cloaked beast

wandering through a desert,

and the way it's place on the painting makes it look like the head I see

is dreaming of this desert beast.

- Keegan F.

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