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Jane Dickson was born in the sixties and raised on the family farm in Dunnville, Ontario, Canada. At 47 she discovered her passion for intuitive painting while living in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia.


Although she hails from a family of makers and musicians, she believes that grief was the catalyst for her own artistic awakening. With a background in the natural health field, Jane was surprised when her interest turned to the arts after the passing of her parents. Immersing herself in art-making transformed her life and she now encourages others to experience the joy and healing power of creative expression.


In 2014 Jane returned to the Niagara Peninsula, exhibiting her art in juried shows such as Pelham Art Festival and Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. Her art has been featured in ArtAscent Journal, and can be found in private collections in Canada, United States, and Mexico. 

When not painting, she writes poetry and delights in photographing the faces she finds in Nature.


In 2022, Jane and her husband moved to the prairies of Alberta where she offers intuitive painting playshops and continues to enjoy her studio practice.

Although art-making did not find me again until later in life, I did come across this photo of me painting as a young girl. I was surprised to see it because I had no recollection of that day. However, my dear Aunt Marjory was an oil painter and she must have set this easel up for me to paint among the trees, on our family farm.

Artist Statement

I believe intuitive painting is a process of collaborating with invisible realms.


Dreams, imagination, guides, journeys, memories, synchronicities, visions, a sixth sense and more play a part, as the piece unfolds. 

My art is not a version of that which is seen, but rather an unveiling of that which is ordinarily not seen.

Lifelong curiosity, a background in natural healing, and a fascination with all things mystical undoubtedly play a role in my creative endeavours.

Since my first encounter with intuitive painting, I have been awed by this magical process. The mystery and anticipation of what the next painting  will reveal is my inspiration. 

I start by creating a base with acrylic paint and/or acrylic ink, layering, mark making and playing with colour until something recognizable appears. When the abstract background gives hints of a face or figure, I feel the urge to develop what I see.

Using a variety of media, the details of the story unfolds. Often, I feel as if my hand is guided as the narrative takes form, and I am lead by mysterious forces that have a message to share. By allowing my art to flow, uncensored, I have experienced amazing insights and synchronicities. 

My wish is to make art that is joyful and intriguing for people of all ages. I title each piece and write poems to accompany some of the paintings. I am thrilled when a viewer connects to a piece and finds a meaningful message in my work. I hope that you find a painted story that speaks to you.

I also photograph Nature Spirits - the faces and anthropomorphic animals I see in tree bark, clouds, fire. Some of these images can be seen here.

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