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As a child, growing up without television, I was endlessly curious and imaginative. I loved to colour and draw, and my sister and I made living rooms, school rooms, church meetings and a general store out of the playhouse that dad built us. We lived on a farm and I had a hundred acres of land where I could roam and play. Then I got older and I guess I forgot how to play.




By the time I was 20 my inquisitive nature, physical injuries and grief for lost loved ones, had fuelled my interest in health, human potential, and spirituality. I was on a quest for knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit and although I had a diverse work history, my heart always remained in the holistic health field. I became certified in several healing modalities. I taught and practiced reflexology and incorporated reiki into my life and career. For many years I worked as a manager and wellness consultant in the health food and supplement industry, in both Ontario and British Columbia. 

Then, in 2008, my dad suddenly became ill and passed away. I spent a couple of distressing weeks with him as I watched his health quickly deteriorate. It was a profoundly life-changing experience for me. Distraught about my inability to help him, I knew there was something more than just potions and pills to cure our ills.


The following year I was really surprised to find that my passion for the natural health field seemed to metamorphose into a strong desire to immerse myself in art and creativity. I also found joy and therapy in expressive dance and learned that we can use our voice as a sound healing tool. 



"Over and over again I discover and rediscover how it is the unlikely

 and difficult aspects of a person's life that fuels creation." 

~ Shaun McNiff, Art as Medicine


discovered that art is a powerful path to move through grief. I realized the uplifting, meditative and healing benefits of creative expression and how it can offer remedies like purpose, insight and inspiration; how it can magically re-connect us with our true Self. 

As my work has evolved, I have also discovered that art is a spiritual practice, and creativity is part of our very nature.   


Intuitive painting, poetry-writing and Nature Spirit photography have brought me back to playfulness, mindfulness and a communion with Nature.  I believe that these sacred activities connect us to our heart and soul so we can remember who we really are. 


The mystical feeling of being guided through the creation process and watching a story unfold in the paint has the ability to restore our belief in magic. It reminds me of the mysterious force that guides our lives.  I want to promote joy and provoke thought with my artwork, poetry, and  storytelling; to be part of an awakening to the knowledge that we are magnificent spiritual beings, with unlimited potential, having a fascinating human experience!

The Playhouse

The Playhouse

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