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Pondering Dreamland

Photo of Lake Ontario by Jane Dickson

Last week, I had a dream that I was making something for my sister. It was so magical and I couldn't wait to show her.

When I woke up, I immediately grabbed my dream journal to record it. As I started writing, the dream object started losing its appeal and the magic began slipping away. Even though it was only made of inexpensive material, in the dreamworld it was lovely. As 'reality' set in, my delight faded and the cardboard item now seemed rather shabby and dull.

I have been recording my dreams, on and off, for more than 30 years so I imagine this feeling has occurred before. But on this day, the contrast between my dream and the 'real' world really hit home.

I started thinking about how those who have had near-death experiences often report how beautiful things are on the other side. How vivid the colours are and how sparkly and fabulous everything looks. Is there a correlation between Dreamland and the Afterlife? Are we accessing the world of spirit when we dream? Is the dreamworld intentionally shiny and bright to capture our attention in order to offer guidance? If so, is it possible to be so at ease, and in-tune with the sacred, that the vibrance of the spiritual realm remains with us during the day?

Last but not least, if it's true that dreams are meant to guide and support us, why are they usually so cryptic?

More questions to add to my very long list of things to ponder and explore.


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