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Drop Your Mask to Discover Your Magic

(turn to the joy and away from the tragic)

turn to the joy and turn away from the tragic
Drop Your Mask to Discover Your Magic

In memory of my dad who passed away 10 years ago today.

He was born on Friday the 13th and died on Friday the 31st - Halloween. During the years in between he tended the soil, planted the trees, witched for water, protected the birds, and farmed the land. Strong and subdued. A true steward of the earth.

One day, a few years before he passed, my father who was usually quite stoic, announced to me that he felt that there was "no joy left in living". I was so shocked and saddened to hear that he felt that way after having worked so hard all his life.

A few months after dad's death I started seeing 'Nature Spirits' everywhere and within the year I discovered the amazing practice of intuitive painting. This burgeoning creativity awakened in me a desire to follow my fascinations and to inspire others to do the same by connecting to that mystical spirit within.

I'm on a mission now to encourage others to pursue what brings them joy, and I'm mindful to follow my own advice as well. This doesn't mean that life is suddenly perfect, it means that whatever happens I set an intention to turn my focus back to joy as quickly as possible.

I truly hope that wherever my dad is he has reclaimed his joy too.


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