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Ho'oponopono Epiphany?

'Eye in the Sky' - photo by Jane Dickson

A few weeks ago I was telling a friend about the traditional Hawaiian practice of Ho'oponopono. It's a method to achieve "reconciliation and forgiveness", according to Wikipedia. It has also been translated as "making things right", "accepting total responsibility", or "bringing things back into balance".

I first learned about the practice through spiritual teacher and author, Joe Vitale, and I've been using it ever since.

There are 4 statements:

- I'm sorry

- Please forgive me

- I love you

- Thank you

Saying these 4 phrases is meant to 'clear' disharmony and disturbance in relationships. Personally, I believe this practice has brought situations back into balance and made things right for me time after time. Although I have never really understood how it works, I just know that it does seem to resolve issues, so I was happy to keep practicing it.

Back to my friend. I was searching for some info to send to her and I found a video of Joe Vitale explaining the procedure. He mentioned that if a problem has arisen, and you are aware of it, then you must in some way be responsible for it happening.

All of a sudden it hit me!

I'm no science expert, but I believe it's been proven that on the quantum level, reality doesn't actually exist if we are not looking at it.

If that is true, it suddenly makes sense that whatever issue/problem is happening with someone else, it's not even reality until I become aware of it, or observe it! Therefore, I have (at least partially) created the problem and so it is my responsibility to CLEAR the problem from the 'field'.

To me, this is a very empowering and humbling thought. It demonstrates the absolute power we have and how we can bring harmony and accord to everything that we observe.

Maybe it also helps us understand the idea that we create our own reality by what we focus on...which is a topic for another day.


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