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'Art From YOUR Heart'

Intuitive Painting Playshops & Private Sessions


Book a Playshop and make art a part of your...

celebration, retreat, reunion, men's group, women's gathering

or your

creative exploration, healing journey, spiritual practice, pursuit of joy

These Intuitive Painting Playshops are not typical 'Paint Night' events. Instead of being led through a pre-determined painting,  you will create your own work of art that is uniquely yours. You will be guided, with playful tips and techniques, to tap into your own inner artist and create a painting that has personal meaning

Play connects you to your heart.

This is an opportunity to get out of your head and paint from your heart!  

It is meditation with a paint brush,

and everyone can do it!

You will discover how magical and liberating this painting practice is.
It can be both delightfully mysterious and surprisingly insightful. 

Answers you are seeking just might appear in the images on your canvas!

Each playshop is unique.

Like the paintings, they unfold intuitively.

What is provided

  • a welcoming, safe space to create

  • canvas, paint and all art supplies

  • relaxing and motivating 'warm-ups' to get you 'playn-ting'!

  • gentle guidance to awaken the creative spirit and release your natural inner artist

What to bring

  • an open mind and a playful attitude

  • a question you have been mulling over (optional)

  • pen and notebook to record your thoughts (optional)

  • a willingness to leave your art critic at the door (not optional!)

What you will leave with

  • your painting on a 16 x 20 inch stretched canvas

  • a fun and restorative experience

  • a deeper connection to your intuition 

  • a process and practice for obtaining insight and inspiration

  • a new appreciation for the transformative effects of expressing with paint


No painting experience necessary!




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Comments  &  Feedback  

The 'Playn-ters' (thanks for that word, Dawn Maas!)

Buddha Beast Yoga Studio, Hagersville ON


Fantastic playshop, Jane! Encouraging us to step - jump - LEAP out of the usual, leaving any semblance of a comfort zone behind, was AWESOME. Inspiring motivating, spiritually and psychologically very revealing. Loved everything about it, thank you so much!

I'm usually a very linear and symmetrical thinker when it comes to creativity, however, Jane provided an open and comfortable environment to try things with a more abstract approach. It was fun to change it up and see where we ended up! Thanks Jane!

Jane and her intuitive workshop was so fun and a relaxed atmosphere to remove barriers, open ourselves to new ideas and more when putting paint to canvas! Laughing through the 'stress' moments and appreciating the 'aha' moments. Thanks again. Creating passion with no borders.

Jane made creating a stress free experience. She gave everyone the opportunity to get out of their heads without expectation and just have an enjoyable experience creating. 

What a wonderful experience. It's nice to relax and just have fun. I was ten again. Thank you so much. - Paul

It has been such a pleasure to think - TRY TO THINK - oustide of the box today. Turn everything a little upside down and life takes on a whole new perspective. Thank you so much. - Debbie

What a fun and eye-opening experience. I had a blast getting out of my comfort zone and learning to trust my creative instincts. Thank you so much! - Brooke


Vancouver BC

I loved the safe and playful atmosphere Jane created so I could access my inner creator and paint from a playful and deep place with her guidance. Thank you for a life affirming day! 


Port Moody BC

Jane really has a gift to get people to open up. During the introduction and relaxation segment I found myself willing to talk about things that I'd never talked about before in a group setting. She also made it easy to move from the opening session to the paint table and experience the fun! I was a little nervous before the workshop because I had never painted before, so I was surprised at how easy it flowed and at the end I didn't want to stop painting!


Port Coquitlam BC

I am so glad I went to Jane's Art From Your Heart Playshop. I always wanted to try painting however I never took the opportunity until I met Jane. I was really out of my comfort zone yet everyone was so nice and supportive. After Jane's playshop I loved painting so much that the next day I bought all my painting supplies. I have painted many pictures since then. It was really fun!!! Jane inspired me to keep painting by her unique and wonderful paintings. She is a great artist and person. Thanks Jane! 

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